Since starting eating meals I immediately saw results. Not only are the meals nutritious and well portioned they are very delicious and filling as well. When I bring the meals to work my co-workers are always interested in asking about the meals, such as where did I get them and how they can purchase them too. These innovative meals can help keep you on track to obtaining your goal no matter how big or small it may be.

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As a personal trainer, I know and understand the importance of having not only a healthy, but clean diet. I have a full working knowledge of how the body works however I lack the time to apply it to my meal prep. So I began ; and not only did they do customize my food, they made it taste better than anything I could have created. I believed in the program so much, that I put it to the test. I purposely gain 20lbs by not exercising and eating horrifically for two months. After 28 days on eatfit I lost 10lbs and 2.6% body fat! I felt amazing; I slept better, drank less caffeine, and was able to also put on lean muscle. I have experimented with all types of fad diets and nothing has ever come close to how I feel on eatfit.